Why Go Electric?


With traditional diesel and petrol-powered cars still dominating the roads, the switch to electric vehicles is a relatively new yet exciting one - and is one that more and more people are making every month. But for many drivers, the question still remains: why go electric?

The Benefits of Electric Vehicles

Thinking of making the switch? Here are some great reasons to go electric...

Cleaner Emissions

It’s never been more important to make environmentally-friendly choices, and switching from a diesel or petrol-powered car to an EV is an efficient way to do so. With zero exhaust emissions, electric cars are a significantly cleaner alternative to traditional fuel vehicles, positioning them as a top choice for eco-conscious drivers. For a greener future, go electric.

Convenient Charging

Enjoy a simpler and more convenient refuelling process with a plug-in electric vehicle. Say goodbye to long queues at the petrol station and simply plug in your car as you would a mobile phone or laptop with an EV charge point. With a rapid speed charge point, you can even charge your EV to almost full capacity in approximately half an hour.

Convenient Charging

Cost-effective Driving

Designed with the planet and your pocket in mind, electric vehicles are a cost-effective alternative to diesel and petrol cars. Your upfront costs will vary according to the make and model you purchase; however, driving an EV is likely to save you money in the long term. With government grants in place to incentivise electric driving and reduced risks of EV wear and tear, electric vehicles are a smarter choice to traditional petrol and diesel alternatives.

Cost-effective Driving

Comfortable Driving Experience

Quieter engines and quicker response times make electrical vehicles ideal for inner-city travel and comfortable driving. Accelerate smoothly, turn corners safely and enjoy a quieter drive everywhere you go with an electric vehicle, the future of modern-day driving.

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