Electric Car Salary Sacrifice

Salary Sacrifice Solutions for Businesses.

Leasing an electric car or van to your employees is simpler and more convenient with Cazevo’s salary sacrifice scheme. We can offer you a hassle-free solution to company car leasing with a fully integrated service designed to benefit employees and employers alike.

Employer Benefits

  • Helps employee retention and staff benefits
  • Reduce costs with lower National Insurance contributions
  • EV’s are exempt from road tax
  • 100% discount on London Congestion Charge
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Supports Corporate Responsibility commitments
  • Workplace chargers

Employee Benefits

  • Cost effective new car ownership
  • Lower fuel and running costs
  • Reduced tax contributions – save up to 40% on costs
  • Full maintenance, breakdown cover and insurance included
  • No deposit or upfront payment
  • Cash in pocket if selling existing car

How Could a Salary Sacrifice Scheme Benefit Your Business?

It’s a great time for businesses to start utlising the benefits of EV’s. Your business will enjoy cost free savings including lower National Insurance contributions. There is no financial outlay, and it’s simple to implement as part of your payroll processes.

Employee’s love the benefits of an EV salary sacrifice programme and your business will benefit from greater employee retention.

And with grants available for workplace chargers, electric vehicles can really add value to your business.

The Benefits of Salary Sacrifice Schemes for Employees

Give your employees the opportunity to embrace the benefits of EV driving, including a more comfortable driver experience and a convenient charging process, with Cazevo’s salary sacrifice scheme.

Under Cazevo’s scheme, employees can enjoy an all-in-one lease solution designed to simplify the entire process. The cost of the car itself, in addition to driver insurance and vehicle maintenance, is deducted from their salary in monthly payments before it’s subject to tax.

As a result, your employees could benefit from higher monthly National Insurance savings alongside affordable Contract Hire payments.

The Benefits of Salary Sacrifice Schemes for Employees

The Benefits of Salary Sacrifice Schemes for Employers

With Cazevo’s salary sacrifice scheme, employers can embrace the future of EV driving with a car lease and payment solution that is both cost-effective and tax-efficient. The opportunity to save on National Insurance payments also makes this an attractive proposition for all businesses.

With our comprehensive EV lease solution, we’ll take care of everything from insurance to vehicle maintenance, freeing up valuable time for you to tackle more important day-to-day tasks.

Additionally, by incentivising your employees to swap their diesel or petrol-powered car for an electric vehicle, your company can work towards a greener and more sustainable future.

Electric Car & Van Lease Solutions from Cazevo

Modernise your business fleet with help from Cazevo, the top choice for a fully integrated EV lease solution. Our salary sacrifice scheme can be implemented to benefit you and your employees with innovative EV technology, tax savings, an all-in-one financial package and no upfront costs.

To find out whether your company is eligible for our salary sacrifice scheme or to discuss Cazevo’s electric vehicles leasing, get in touch with a member of the team today. We offer a free, initial quote to all potential partners.

Electric Car & Van Lease Solutions from Cazevo