EV’s For Business

Electric fleet and commercial vehicles for UK businesses.

Save money and go greener with Cazevo. Let us transform your fleet with our range of electric cars and vans. We specialise in reliable and efficient EV sales and leasing for businesses, with bespoke vehicle solutions handpicked to reduce your costs.

The UK Government is focused on making it easy for companies to go electric. There are now multiple grants and tax savings available for your business to take advantage of with Cazevo’s electric vehicle solutions:

  • Government grants; £3500 for electric cars and up to £8000 for electric vans
  • Reduce fuel costs by 80%; say goodbye to costly fuel top-ups with on-site EV charging ports
  • The Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS); a grant payment of up to £350 per charging unit
  • 0% Benefit in Kind to pay
  • 100% Lease Rental Allowance: your business can claim 100% of the cost of a company electric vehicle
  • Reduced National Insurance Contributions
  • Unrestricted, free access to London’s Ultra Low Emission Zones

EV Fleet & Commercial Solutions for Businesses

Today, millions of businesses across all sectors and industries rely on a fleet of company cars for their day-to-day operations. But with exciting technological innovations modernising the automotive industry, we’re pleased to say there’s another road in sight.

Cazevo’s EV solutions for companies, you can join other businesses like yours in the drive towards a more cost effective and sustainable future for your company vehicles.

The UK Government has now made it a ‘no brainer’ for all businesses to go electric by providing grants, reducing tax and increasing benefits for companies choosing electric vehicles.

Save money and the environment...it’s a win win!

Bespoke EV Solutions for Businesses

Salary Sacrifice

Incentivise your employees with our electric vehicle salary sacrifice scheme. Deduct the cost of the chosen vehicle, insurance and maintenance services from your employees’ monthly pre-taxed salary for a simple, all-in-one lease solution that benefits you and your team.


Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS)

If you choose to provide charging facilities at your business premises there is even more grant money and tax savings currently available. The WCS grant means your business can reduce the cost of installing electric vehicle charge points for your staff by up to £14,000.

Until 1st April 2020 the WCS grant pays £500 per chargepoint socket with a maximum of 20 sockets. After 1st April 2020 the grant will pay a reduced rate of £350 but a higher maximum of 40 sockets.

Bespoke EV Solutions for Businesses

Electric Vehicles for Business Contract Hire

Cut costs and carbon emissions with Cazevo’s electric vehicle lease scheme, designed with modern businesses in mind. Look no further for a first-rate selection of electric cars and vans, up-to-date advice regarding financial benefits and an all-in-one lease solution to benefit your company and its employees.

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