Charging Solutions from Cazevo


Say goodbye to high fuel costs and damaging carbon emissions - and hello to unrivalled convenience

One of the main benefits of driving an electric vehicle is leaving behind the fuelling-up process of traditional petrol and diesel cars in favour of a simpler alternative: electrical charging. Instead of queuing at the local petrol station when it’s time to fuel up, charge your plug-in vehicle at a time that suits you.

The best part? You don’t even need to be with your car to do so. As long as an EV charging point is available, you can charge your vehicle while you’re working at the office or unwinding at home for total convenience.

Charging your electric vehicle at home

Charging your EV at home is simple with a home charging unit. Installation is quick and easy. They can be placed inside a garage, on a driveway, next to your house and connect to the mains power supply. Simply plug your car or van into the socket and charging starts immediately.

Your home charging unit will charge your car within a few hours - most people leave it overnight to wake up to a fully charged EV each morning. Most electric cars have a compatible app for your smartphone which allows you to track charging progress.

To make the decision even easier the Government’s electric vehicle homecharge scheme contributes up to £500 towards the installation of a home charging unit.

Types of EV Charging Points

To make sure your electric vehicle is ready to go whenever you need it, consider installing a charging point on your premises. Whether you own an EV for personal or commercial use, choose between:

Rapid EV charging points

The ideal solution for electric vehicle owners with an on-the-go lifestyle, rapid EV charging points can charge many different makes and models to almost full capacity in just 30 minutes.

Rapid EV charging points

Fast EV charging points

With a fast EV plug-in point, you can expect your vehicle to be ready for action after approximately two hours of charging, depending on the make and model.

Fast EV charging points

Slow EV charging points

Slow EV charging points can charge pure electric vehicles in approximately 9-12hours and are therefore most suitable for employees who are stationary throughout the working day or able to charge their EV overnight.

Slow EV charging points

Install an EV Charging Point with Cazevo

While the number of public EV charging points is on the rise, having a plug-in point installed on your premises is the most efficient way to stay on the road. Simply plug in your electric vehicle when it suits you for a hassle-free, cheaper alternative to petrol or diesel refuelling.

For a bespoke EV charging point solution fitted to suit your requirements, choose Cazevo. Look forward to a simpler, greener future with our range of charge points for electric vehicles.